The longer we can encourage our elderly relatives to remain physically active, the longer they will benefit from an independent lifestyle. There’s no way of getting away from the fact that as we get older certain things begin to happen to our bodies. We lose bone density and muscle strength, our levels of body fat increase, our coordination becomes poorer and our joints begin to stiffen.

The benefits of physiotherapy for seniors include restoring and maintaining mobility, balance, and a level of physical activity. Physiotherapy may be the secret to sustaining a completely independent lifestyle at home. Research indicates that the ability to maintain physical function also improves overall health by enhancing psychological and social well-being. The longer individuals maintain a physically active lifestyle, the longer they enjoy a healthy life of independence.

Senior Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists are trained to carefully and safely guide elderly patients through a series of exercises designed to help them with their specific needs. Being able to exercise at home gives elderly patients the confidence they need to take matters into their own hands and restores a little of that independent feeling that’s so important to staying young and full of life.

So if you are concerned about the wellbeing of your elderly relative, or if you’re worried that they seem to be withering away, that they’ve lost the sense of life and energy they once had, it might be time to consider treating them to a little professional care.

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