Home rehabilitation Wrocław

My Home Rehabilitation is addressed to patients from Wrocław, who are not able to reach the stationary rehabilitation centers, and for those patients who respect their time, convenience and comfort.

Home rehabilitation Wrocław: Offer

Manual therapy

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Manual therapy is a method of rehabilitation where we taking details interview, make diagnosis of the patient and then use of appropriate therapy. I specialize in methods such as working on a fascia, trigger points and stretchin

Orthopedic rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation for recovery from trauma and sports injuries, bone fractures, ligament rupture, dislocations and other types of soft tissue damage.

Neurology rehabilitation

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Neurological rehabilitation includes patients with Parkinson's disease, with Alzheimer, with Multiple Sclerosis, with stroke patients, with dementia, with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other neurological cases.

Senior rehabilitation

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In the rehabilitation of the elderly, I focus on the selection of an individual rehabilitation plan aimed at: improving the patient's coordination and balance, improving walking and lower risk of falling, increasing independence, physical fitness and quality of life of a senior. This rehabilitation includes help with degenerative changes of the joints, knee and hip joint endoprostheses and rheumatic changes.


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Kinesotaping is a method that is used in various types of pain syndromes, edema and structural changes of the body. We use the application on the skin that lasts for the next 4-7 days to support therapeutic effect.


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Massage works on our skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles and joints. Type of massage I provide are: Swedish massage, deep tissues massage, sport massage and relaxation massage.



Checking medical documentation and taking a medical history

Clinical tests

Perform appropriate tests to determine the basis and cause of the problem.


Perform a personalized therapy

Conclusions and planning

Together with the patient, we set up a schedule and plan of treatment

Home rehabilitation Wrocław: Price list

The prices given are approximate and usually depending on time, range or other factors.

Manual therapy 60MIN - 180 ZŁ
90MIN - 250ZŁ

rehabilitation 60min – 180zł

60MIN - 180 ZŁ
90MIN - 250ZŁ

kiesiotaping 40zł

(add to therapy, massage, rehabilitation – free)

Online rehabilitation 60min - 180zł

Step by step online rehabilitation

1. Email
or phone

2. Accepting

3. Arranging
the date
of the visit

4. Payment to
the account

5. First online

6. Start

7. Second online

8. Continuing
therapy by
the patient

Home rehabilitation Wrocław: Testimonials

Artur is an amazing person. Always enjoyed therapy and massages with him. He always advise and make sure he gives the best service you deserve. Very relaxing and very helpful massages I got it and also my all family was lucky to experience that as well. Highly recommend. Is really worth it to treat yourself with the highest standard



Artur was recommended to me by a work colleague, due to working at a desk for long periods I often get back pain, so thought I would give it a go.
Artur is very enthusiastic and happy which is nice to see. When we first met, he ran me through how it would work and was very informative.
I had a deep tissue massage and exercise program. He was absolutely amazing, very good level of pressure and not too soft like some I’ve experienced in past. Really good for my bad back problems and tension and the stress related aliments. I’ve been Artur’s client for a few months now. I would highly recommend him



Best Physical Therapist! He will customize every session to fit your specific fitness goals or fitness level. Artur you rock!



I have couple times massage with Arthur, he is the best, he did a perfect pressure, after the massage I feel myself like a new born. I am recommend him for everyone.



Artur is outstading. His knowledge of physical therapy is invalable. I truly benefit form his kindness and expertise.