What is online physiotherapy/rehabilitation?

Online rehabilitation is a physiotherapy visit for people who need to consult their problem/pain with a physiotherapist and cannot use the physiotherapist’s office in person. 

Who is the offer addressed to?

The offer is addressed to people with pain such as lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc. Also for people after hip or knee joint replacement, orthopedic and sports injuries. This offer is also prepared for the elderly, who want to improve the overall fitness and condition of the body, improve their balance, gait and coordination. 

Why online physiotherapy?

Online physiotherapy consultation can be used anywhere in the country or worldwide. All you need is a computer or telephone with internet access. I will adapt the date of online physiotherapy consultation to your needs. We can consult in the evening, early in the morning and even on Saturday or Sunday. Such a visit will save your time and allow you to settle the matter quickly. It is comfortable and does not create any embarrassing atmosphere. 

How can a physiotherapist help online?

In working with my patients, I use therapeutic exercises. In my experience, therapeutic exercises are the most important part of therapy. Through properly selected exercises for your ailments and therapeutic tips I am able to help you with your pain problem. 

Where did the idea for online physiotherapy come from?

The idea was born in my head when my YouTube Fit Rehab channel gained popularity and I received very positive feedback from my subscribers. My channel has already helped thousands of people, so I want to go a step further and remotely support therapies individually to the needs of patients. 

What does an online physiotherapy consultation look like?

It all starts with a detailed interview, review of existing medical documentation and visual examination. After the interview, we will establish an action plan and perform rehabilitation exercises together. During the session I will be able to explain to you the correct technique of performed exercises and correct errors so as to be sure that everything is done correctly. 

Step by step online rehabilitation

1. Email
or phone

2. Accepting

3. Arranging
the date
of the visit

4. Payment to
the account

5. First online

6. Start

7. Second online

8. Continuing
therapy by
the patient

How many physiotherapeutic consultations will be needed to reduce pain?

Mostly you only need TWO online consultations! The first consultation is the diagnosis and selection of the appropriate physiotherapeutic therapy for the patient, the second consultation takes place after about a week, where we discuss the results of the physiotherapy applied and the selection of additional exercises – if modifications are needed. 

How can you contact me?

By phone: +48 504 895 576 
Whatsapp: +48 504 895 576 
Skype: Home Rehabilitation Wroclaw

Duration of online physiotherapy consultation?

30-60 min depending on the individual needs of the patient. 

What is the price of an online physiotherapy consultation?

100 PLN / visit. 

What is included in the price of online physiotherapy?

1. Consultation and properly selected therapy made jointly by a webcam. 2. An e-mailed exercise plan tailored to your needs. 
3. Possibility of telephone contact in the interval between online consultations. I will gladly answer any question about therapy and dispel any doubts. 

How to arrange online physiotherapy rehabilitation?

Please contact me via email artur@rehabilitacjadomowawroclaw.pl or via the contact form and briefly describe your problem to me. After reading the e-mail I will be able to determine if I can help you online. 

Online physiotherapy rehabilitation step by step 

1. Email contact.
2. Accepting online therapy.
3. Setting the date.
4. Payment to the account.
5. First online physiotherapy consultation: interview and selection of appropriate therapeutic exercises.
6. Continuing the patient’s recommended physiotherapy.
7. Second online physiotherapeutic consultation: follow-up visit, discussion of results, addition of further exercises or modification of therapy.
8.Continue the therapy by the patient himself until complete pain relief. 

Contact me now, make an appointment for an online physiotherapy consultation and start rehabilitation! You can arrange an online physiotherapeutic consultation by e-mail: artur@rehabilitacjadomowawroclaw.pl or via the contact form. Do you have questions or doubts? Contact me by phone: +48 504 895 576, via Whatsapp: +48 504 895 57, or Skype: Rehabilitacja Domowa Wrocław. 

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